Fertile Future Volume ll

Edition • 2024, Porto, publication

Fertile Future Volume ll

The second volume of Fertile Futures presents the entire laboratory developed during the programme of the Portuguese Official Representation at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition—La Biennale di Venezia 2023. Firstly, it reveals the perspectives and referential frameworks of each of the seven approaches to the problems of Portuguese hydrogeographies in the Fertile Futures exhibition, on display in Venice fromMay to November 2023. The second chapter focuses on the second phase of the laboratory, which took the form of the International Summer Seminar and brought together, in July 2023 in Fundão, more than seventy students from multiple geographies to work in a practical seminar context with the architecture teams, in the search for the reasons underlying the contribution of architecture to the issues under study. The third part presents the critical essays resulting from the interventions at the Assemblies of Thought in Venice, Braga, Faro and Porto Santo. The fourth and final part, brings together the essays published in the course of the editorial partnership with e-flux Architecture.


Andreia Garcia, Patrícia Coelho


Architectural Affairs

Editorial Coordination

Andreia Garcia, Patrícia Coelho


Alice Pisco & Rosa Guedes, Álvaro Domingues, Ameneh Solati, Ana Salgueiro, André Vizinho, Andreia Garcia, Corpo Atelier, Dulcineia Santos Studio, Eglantina Monteiro, Emanuele Coccia, Francisco Costa, Guida Marques, Ifor Duncan, Ilhéu Atelier, Maja Escher, Marta Cabral, Marta Labastida Martinho Mendes, Nuno Jorge Pereira, Pedrêz, Pedro Gadanho, Ponto Atelier, Space Transcribers, Susana Fontinha


And Atelier — João Araújo, Rita Huet

Editorial Partners

e-flux Architecture, Nick Axel (Coord.) Umbigo, Elsa Garcia & António Néu (Coord.)


Anabel Goulart, Fran Seftel, Russell Shackleford


Gráfica Maiadouro



Legal deposit


Organization and Comissioner

República Portuguesa, Ministério da Cultura de Portugal, Direcção Geral das Artes (DGARTES)
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