Casa do Canastro

Project • 2020, Vinhós, Refurbishment • ongoing
Perspective Section
Perspective Section
Perspective Section

Casa do Canastro

Set in a rural context, Casa do Canastro’s architecture bears witness to a space laden with memory that will give rise to a new programme.
The proposed intervention marks a common space — living room/ bedroom – between two contemporary volumes that are thus installed at the ends of the house and contain the rest of the programme — bedrooms, bathroom, storage and kitchen —.
The use of a monocolor chromaticism in the two new volumes aims to introduce a contrast with the stone that formalizes the walls and the floor, giving a unique identity to the house. In these volumes, geometric windows are opened, both inside and outside the house, for a greater relationship between spaces.
From the outside, the intervention is noticed by the formalization of a mansarda that is assumed as contemporary by the game of scale, form and materiality, in counterpoint with the existing.


Architectural Affairs + Diogo Aguiar Studio


Andreia Garcia, Diogo Aguiar, Elda Rodriguez




185 m2
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