Desde Casa

Curatorship • 2020, Instagram/Glocalization, Talks

Desde Casa

“Desde Casa” / “From Home” consisted in a series of daily conversations, between March and April, in the context of the pandemic, in a Live format Instagram, lasting 30 to 60 minutes, for 40 consecutive days, with 40 architects, moderated by Andreia Garcia.
The conversations addressed the pandemic and its impacts on Architecture, the City and Society, among them the impact on tourism; urban organization and the consequence of mono-functional fabrics; distance learning in the discipline of Architecture; the density of the city; the political participation of Architecture; the role of the architect and it’s fields of actions; the right to housing and social inequalities; the concept of empathy; the human relationship with objects; the house and its mutations; the philosophy as a reflection of current events; happiness in the city; the signs of change in the discipline of Architecture; the transatlantic reality in Brazil; the role of museums and educational services; the importance of the balance of ecosystems and the importance of Architecture in that balance; the place and the territory in Architecture; the sea as territory; the importance of travel in Architecture; the return to the countryside and the transformation of the city and society.

Curator and Moderator

Andreia Garcia


Elda Rodriguez, Rita Amado


Jorge Garcia Pereira, Ana Neiva, Nuno Grande, Inês Moreira, Pedro Campos Costa, Ana Jara, Tiago Mota Saraiva, Mariana Pestana, Luis Baptista, Lucinda Correia, Pedro Novo, Dulcineia Santos, Luis Santiago Baptista, Paula Melâneo, Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues, Patricia Barbas, André Tavares, Teresa Novais, Pedro Vada, Fabricia Valente, Pedro Gadanho, Mariana Sendas, Pedro Bragança, Giovanna Borasi, Pedro Bandeira, Maria Melo, Carlos Antunes, Alexandra Cruz, Miguel Figueira, Paula Santos, Jorge Mealha, Lara Seixo Rodrigues, Nuno Sampaio, Rita Aguiar Rodrigues, João Crisóstomo, Eliana Sousa Santos, Bernardo Brito e Abreu, Mafalda Rangel, José Mateus, Ana Tostões.
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