Endless Space: Propositions for the Continuous

Curatorship • 2019, Galeria Vertical, Silo Auto, Porto, Exhibition
Work by Horácio Frutuoso © Constança Babo
Work by João Mendes Ribeiro © Constança Babo
Work by Manuel Graça Dias © Constança Babo
Work by Luísa Salvador © Constança Babo
Works by Luísa Salvador e Fernanda Fragateiro © Constança Babo
Work by Fernanda Fragateiro © Constança Babo
Work by Jéremy Pajeanc © Constança Babo
Works by Nuno Cera and Jéremy Pajeanc © Constança Babo
Work by Nuno Cera © Constança Babo
© Architectural Affairs

Endless Space: Propositions for the Continuous

This exhibition considers the Silo building and presents ideas capable of generating reflections and individual dynamics on experiences and space practices.
“Endless Space: Propositions for the Continuous” is an exhibition on the experience of the helicoidal route provided by the Silo Auto. The automobile path serves as a basis for a contemporary reflection on the issues of architecture, its experience, its history and its future use, from artistic explorations.
Thre relationship between architecture, exposure and continuous movement as a course is intrinsic, as there are common fundamental aspects. It is in this condition that lies the paradox of the experience of this exhibition, and it is in its background that the same emerges.


Andreia Garcia


Nuno Cera (Sem Título, LOS ANGELES X2, 2009) Jérémy Pajeanc (Tour de Contrôle, 2017) Luísa Salvador (Trilhos, 2017) Fernanda Fragateiro (Demolição 3, 2017) João Mendes Ribeiro (In the looking glass, 2017) Horácio Frutuoso (Fugitivo, 2017) Manuel Graça Dias (A encomenda, 2013)

Graphic Design

Studio Dobra


Porto Lazer
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