Project • 2019, Santo Tirso, Refurbishment • Licensing
Study model © Architectural Affairs


The proposal of the intervention begins by consolidating the ruin of the old Santo Tirso cine-theatre as a way of creating new spatialities and turning to the large open space to the west, assuming the creation of a new public square, dedicated to the arts. The main objective is to maintain the ruin and the memory, while at the same time creating a new focus of spatiality and dialogue with the public. For this second effect, the ephemeral response with a contemporary materiality that accentuates the differentiation from the existing one emerges. In this sense, formalized spaces coexist side by side with less conventional spaces, resulting from the dialogue between times with different times. In this way, it is intended that their implantation and formalization will potentiate distinct occupations of the different designed spaces, whether by the proposed or the existing, or even by the moments of temptation between the two.
The pink color demarcates the rescued space from the city center, covering the existing building, the pavements, the sidewalks and the new public square, and also the neighbouring urban gables, which delineate the empty space.

Concept, Architecture

Architectural Affairs + Diogo Aguiar Studio


Andreia Garcia, Diogo Aguiar, Sergio González, Cecilia Carrioli, Clara Puentes, Daniel Mudrák, Lucia Torre


Nikolay Boboshevsky


Municipality of Santo Tirso


470 m2
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