40 days

Edition • 2022, Porto, publication

40 days

“40 Dias/40 Days” is an editing project dedicated to the physical publication of a bilingual book that reports, revisits and critically reinterprets a research project initiated in a set of tertulias, called “Desde Casa”, held live on the digital platform Instagram, during the initial period of the quarantine.
Over 40 consecutive days, between 21 March and 29 April 2020, the Portuguese architect, teacher, researcher and curator Andreia Garcia talked, for periods between 30 and 90 minutes, with 20 architects and 20 architects, national and international, seeking to reflect on the Covid 19 pandemic, the obligation of confinement and its impacts on Architecture, the City and Society. Believing in the importance of preservation and critical analysis of these reflections for future memory as an operative tool, the will arose to edit this publication and to disseminate it nationally and internationally.
In this sense, the editorial project consists in the transcription, critical interpretation, editing, translation, proofreading and publication of the 40 tertulias held, in book format, bilingual, formalising a physical publication that builds upon these reflections, in critical times.
More than a closed critical synthesis, this publication is intended to be an open platform that may allow the discovery and exploration of other paths and directions for the understanding of the relationship between Man and the world and the role of Architecture in its mediation.


Andreia Garcia


Jorge Garcia Pereira Ana Neiva Nuno Grande Inês Moreira Pedro Campos Costa Ana Jara Tiago Mota Saraiva Mariana Pestana Luís Maria Baptista Lucinda Correia Pedro Novo Dulcineia Santos Luís Santiago Baptista Paula Melâneo Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues Patrícia Barbas André Tavares Teresa Novais Pedro Vada Fabrícia Valente Pedro Gadanho Mariana Sendas Pedro Bragança Giovanna Borasi Pedro Bandeira Maria Conceição Melo Carlos Antunes Alexandra Cruz Miguel Figueira Paula Santos Jorge Mealha Lara Seixo Rodrigues Nuno Sampaio Rita Aguiar Rodrigues João Crisóstomo Eliana Sousa Santos Bernardo Brito Abreu Mafalda Rangel José Mateus Ana Tostões


Andreia Garcia


Paulo David


Architectural Affairs

Editor and Editorial Coordinator

Andreia Garcia

Co-editor and Proofreading

Leonel Barbosa


Andreia Garcia, Rita Amado

Translation and Proofreading

Anabel Goulart, Fran Seftel and Russell Shackleford


And Atelier — João Araújo & Rita Huet


Gráfica Maiadouro

Print run




Legal deposit



Canadian Center for Architecture Casa da Arquitectura Diogo Aguiar Fran Seftel José Garcia Julia Albani Trienal de Lisboa Todos os participantes das conversas Desde Casa / All the participants of the talks From Home
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