Impressões Expressas – Sophia Sophia

Edition • 2017, Porto, Booklet
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Impressões Expressas – Sophia Sophia

“Sophia Sophia” is an application/essay that translates into an invitation to learn about the work of Sophia de Mello Breyner. However, not to a chronological, bibliographical or biographical knowledge of the author, but to a knowledge that is built on linguistic relations. This edition is the textual part that embodies the texts of curator Andreia Garcia and author Sara Orsi, in a reflection of crossing between the literary, expository and technological universes.

Editor, Curator

Andreia Garcia


Andreia Garcia, Sara Orsi


Sara Orsi

Graphic Design

Ana Schefer + Teo Furtado

Program support

Manuel Moniz Pereira, Marco Heleno

Production support

Catarina Lee, João Costa, Susana Sanches
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