manipulation, the return of utopia

Curatorship • 2017, Arquivo 237, Lisboa, Solo Exhibition
© Tiago Casanova
© Tiago Casanova

manipulation, the return of utopia

In the post-truth era, when facts don’t matter anymore, considering the idea of manipulation through an architectural context requires a thought on the tools of its own discourse. Nowadays public opinion is based on the appealing of emotion, beliefs and the repetition of a non-truth until it becomes a non-lie. This is the era of manipulation. It is the era of the portrayed image, more empathic than the factual. Assuming the will to analyse urbanity, knowing that the common look over reality moves towards decline, “The Return of Utopia” challenges the contemporary tools through a game of utopias, in a new context of truth, which is the post-utopia.
In this sence, Tiago Casanova creates an original work, through a videographic configuration adapted to the installation, pursuing the idealization of a circular building, established in an abstract (dis)figured context. It seeks for a strong relation with the body and the spectator, starting a process of multiple truth about one truth: a disorientation over an orientation, a look on the society about the precision of the capture of a gesture, a critical development on the pace of a new way to obeserv.
Filipe Raposo is part of the exhibition, with the design of the sound effects to enhance the senses in overall spatial experience.


Andreia Garcia


Tiago Casanova

Sound Design

Filipe Raposo


Arquivo 237


Tiago Casanova
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